What is helical tomotherapy

What is helical tomotherapy

Pursuant to helical tomotherapy, a cancer focus is isolated from other nearby tissues for radiation. As being mild in nature while killing cancer cells, this therapy can be quite useful, even for cancer that is beyond the reach of particle ray therapy. It is suggested to assist this therapy with anticarcinogen treatment or immunocyte therapy.


  • 1. No pain
  • 2. Minimized damage to the function of internal organs and body shape as well
  • 3. Do not disfigure outer appearance and looks, and leave no scars behind
  • 4. Even suitable for the elderly
  • 5. Tiny side-effect
  • 6. Could be cured for good if treated in the early stage
  • 7. Cancer located in deep that is out of reach of common X ray
  • 8. Short recovery time length
  • 9. Radiate such a cancer focus precisely following exactly pinpointed the cancer focus before treatment
  • 10. Cancer that cannot be treated by means of particle radiation therapy

~Radiation device comparison~

Radiation device Area of radiation Long shaft radiation Location-fixed radiation Multiple locating IMRT
Special accelerator Novalis
CyberKnife × ×
Special radioactive source Proton rays ×
Heavy ion rays × ×
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