Current status of cancers

Current status of cancers

In the human body, there are thousands of cancer cells generated every day, even for a wholesome human being. Fortunately, not all of us have cancer as our immunocytes can get rid of those cancer cells. When healthy, immunity is stronger than cancer and on the other hand, when unhealthy, cancer prevails, in which case part of cancer cells that have survived begin to proliferate and ultimately cause cancer.

By means of PETCT or other examinations, the early-stage cancer that can be identified is approximately 1cm in size, 1g in weight and contains around 1 billion cancer cells. For cancer, it usually takes 10 years from occurrence to the moment of discovery, and that is why periodical cancer-related physical examination is recommended.

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Later on, cancer only needs 3 years to develop from the early stage to the progressive stage and then the terminal stage. During such a length of time, whether effective treatments can be performed or not is critical to survival rate.

In order to receive the most cutting-edge treatments, more and more patients flock into Japan, the USA, Singapore and Germany etc. and in most cases, making an appointment with famous physicians is a time-consuming procedure. Moreover, to get treated first seems rather tough if without physician’s introduction, personal incomes, insurance and status.

Though you can do it all yourself, it would be much better to appoint an international medical coordination institution to shorten the time spent on investigation and inquiry before treatment.

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