Cancer that can be cured via proton rays

Cancer that can be cured via proton rays

~Cancer that can be treated~

Target areas Target areas in clinical experiment
1)Tumors in the head and neck, basis crania and eyeball 1) Cerebral tumors
2)Lung cancer (non-small-cell lung cancer)) 2)Central nervous system neoplasms
3)Liver cancer 3)Esophageal cancer
4)Bone and soft tissue sarcoid 4)Pancreatic cancer
5)Prostate cancer 5)Uterine cancer
6)Malignant melanoma 6)Postoperative recurrence of rectal cancer

~Conditions for treatment~

  • 1)The focus (cancer) is contained in a certain area rather than overwhelmingly existed.
  • 2)The part to be treated has not yet been treated with radiation therapy.
  • 3)Absence of other cancer focuses that are currently being treated, in the state of recurrence and have not fully recovered