Cancers that can be cured via immunocyte therapy

Cancers that can be cured via immunocyte therapy

Except certain blood-related cancer, Immunocyte therapy is almost applicable to every type of cancer no matter what stage it is in.

Nevertheless, in an attempt to have better treatment results, it is strongly recommended to blend such a therapy with helical tomotherapy or radiotherapy from the beginning. In the process when carrying out immunocyte therapy, the general physical status of a patient weighs heavier than the type of cancer.

Generally, the bigger the size of a cancer focus is, the weaker immunity against cancer becomes. Allow immunocyte therapy to kick in after shrinking the cancer focus to a certain degree via radiotherapy, anticarcinogen treatment and others, thus optimizing the treatment effect of immunocyte therapy. Considering the immunity system of a patient is often suppressed, anticarcinogens contain the related components that serve the purpose of liberating the patient’s immunity. Therefore, using anticarcinogens in conjunction with immunocyte therapy can be quite beneficial. This principle is also applicable to radiotherapy. In short, it is generally deemed advantageous when combining immunocyte therapy with other treatments.

※Patients who are in any of the following conditions are not qualified for treatment or only enabled to receive dendritic cell vaccine therapy:

Cancers that can be cured via immunocyte therapy PHOTO01

HIV-positive patients
Patients that have undertaken internal organ transplantation or allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Patients with leukemia or T cell malignant lymphadenoma
HTLV-1-positive patients