What is immunocyte therapy

What is immunocyte therapy

If cancer cells are able to divide in a repeated approach under the radar of the immune system, it would be rather tough to stop cancer from coming into being and further developing. In addition, some cancer cells are capable of inhibiting immunocytes in the aspect of proliferation and attacking action. As a result, in order to render immunity stronger than cancer cells, it is doable to proliferate and activate immunocytes in vitro and then inject them back into the body, which perfectly explains the operation principles of immunocyte therapy.

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The biggest advantage that immunocyte therapy possesses is to employ patients’own immunocytes for treatment and accordingly, have no side-effects at all, except it is reported that part of patients had side-effect of low fever or extremely-rare allergic reaction.

The effect of immunocyte therapy would be optimal when cancer cells are weak and inadequate in quantity, and it is considered that such a therapy is suitable to be used together with radiotherapy (1) and effective in terms of preventing postoperative recurrence and metastasis (2). For progressive cancer, treatment should be carried out in the early stage if applicable. Moreover, as a very potent cancer treatment, immunocyte therapy can elevate the efficiency of other anti-cancer drugs.